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Moo Shu Pork

Moo Shu PorkI have been loving my most recent issue of the Food Network Magazine. I have found so many wonderful recipes to try and they have all turned out delicious. I was excited to try their version of moo shu pork because it looked tasty, healthy, and very easy to make. I loved the flavor of the tender pork with the crunchy slaw and the soft butter lettuce leaves. This dish was loved by all of us, my kids had seconds and my husband said the leftovers were terrific the next day.

Moo Shu Pork:


  • 1 1/2 pound pork tenderloin, trimmed and cut into thin strips
  • 3 tbsp hoisin sauce
  • 3 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar (or plain)
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil (more if needed)
  • 8 oz shitake mushrooms, sliced
  • 8 oz coleslaw mix
  • 3-4 green onions, sliced
  • Butter lettuce leaves

Moo Shu Pork

How to Make Moo Shu Pork

Whisk the hoisin sauce, vinegar, minced garlic, sea salt, and freshly cracked pepper, to taste. Add the pork and marinate for 10-30 minutes prior to cooking.

Heat 1/2 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a skillet over high heat. Add the pork and marinade once the pan is hot along with 2-3 tablespoons of water. Stir-fry until the pork is browned, about 3-4 minutes. Remove from pan and place on a plate then cover it with a tin foil tent.

Add the additional 1/2 tablespoon of vegetable oil to the pan then add the mushrooms once the pan is hot. Stir-fry the mushrooms until golden brown, about 2 minutes.

Add the coleslaw mix, pork, and half of the green onions; stir-fry for an additional 2 minutes. Taste and season with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, if needed.

Serve the stir-fry in the lettuce leaves and sprinkle the tops with the remaining green onions. Enjoy.

Moo Shu Pork


Click here for a printable version of this recipe – For the Love of Cooking.net

Adapted recipe and photos by For the Love of Cooking.net
Original recipe from The Food Network Magazine ~ July/August 2010



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  1. It's so cute in the lettuce leaves! I do love cute food, even though the giant guys in my house don't appreciate it.

  2. Really beautiful!
    Because I have most of the ingredients already, I will try to do it!
    Looks yummy, thanks for the recipe!
    And thanks for the awesome blog also:)!

  3. This is one of my favorite take out items and now I can make it at home!!!! This looks fantastic, Pam. What a great summer dish.

  4. You've reminded me of how I used to eat mooshu pork in a particular Chinese place in NYC years ago. Even your lettuce is gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful dish!!
    This remind me to my home country. My friends and I always had thai spicy pork salad with fresh vegetable.

  6. I am new to your site. I love your photography. The food always looks so appealing. How do you get the lighting so right?

  7. I haven't had moo shu pork, but it sounds wonderful! ( and definatly easy enough) Thanks for a great post, as always!

  8. That is what I always get when I go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. I didn't get the latest one. I better scoot on down to Barnes & Noble….huh!

  9. This looks beautiful!! Seriously way better than anything you'd get in any restaurant. Delicious!


  10. The Queen Vee,

    I am sorry, I don't know the nutritional information. It served my family of four and we had enough leftovers for my husband's lunch the following day. I hope this helps.



  11. I love everything about this dish, Pam. Looks truly delicious and fresh, and very healthy too!

  12. great presentation of a uniquely-tasty dish! i love the idea of lettuce cups, especially if the filling is a succulent as your pork. well done.

  13. They look good. Are they kinda like those lettuce wraps? I always intend to try them but never do. Perhaps now I will at home with your recipe.

  14. Wow this looks amazing. Just wondering how to eat this. This looks quite big. Do I just hold it and eat like a hamburger? I'm worried I might drop the fillings all over.