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We just got back from a week-long adventure and we are all happy and exhausted. We traveled in our motor home all throughout Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. We stopped at many beautiful places on our journey and we were in awe of Washington’s scenic beaches and forests. During our road trip we visited Ocean Shores (where we celebrated my most amazing friend Tiffany’s 40th birthday), we went to Quinault Lake, First Beach at La Push, Ruby Beach, Crescent Beach, Sul Doc Hot Springs, Hoh Rain Forest, and then ended our journey back in Oregon at our favorite place, Cannon Beach, before heading home. We had a fantastic adventure and really enjoyed being together in our motor home playing games, watching movies, walking on the beaches, swimming, and reading. We had a wonderful spring break but it’s good to be home.


Ocean Shores:

Quinault Lake:

First Beach at La Push:

Crescent Beach:

Sul Doc Hot Springs:

(note the salmon jumping up the falls)

Hoh Rain Forest:

Cannon Beach, Oregon:

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