Back from Vacation…

We had a fantastic trip to Idaho visiting our family and friends. We started in Boise and had a wonderful time relaxing, checking out the farmer’s market, going on bike rides, dining at our favorite restaurants, celebrating some birthdays, making s’mores, and spending time with our family and friends. Here are a few photos from our trip.

I’ll be back to posting recipes tomorrow…


Spicy margarita – cheers!

Cool shot from the farmer’s market

In bloom


My sweet nephew

Amazing chandelier in our favorite restaurant – Barbacoa


Funky sculpture in Barbacoa

Next, we headed to McCall where we visited my husband’s mom and stepdad. We had a great time playing in the lake, watching a small town 4th of July parade, lighting fireworks, going on a horseback ride, riding four-wheelers, and hanging out with friends and family.

What a view

Sweet moment

My husband teaching our daughter how to use her new bow & arrow

Mother-daughter horseback ride

Watching the parade

My nephew scored some candy

Simple bouquets

An excellent shot that was taken by my husband


Payette Lake

 Next, we headed up to the mountains to stay at my husband’s father’s cabin in Riggins. We had a fantastic time riding four-wheelers up the mountain, playing at the river, driving over White Bird Hill to visit a cool museum, watching movies, taking a nice hike, and spending time together.

A view from the top of the mountain
The kids posing

Cool moss on an old fallen down barn

The top of White Bird Hill

White Bird Battlefield – Nez Perce War

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  1. Welcome back,dear!Congratulations on the amazing pictures!Can't wait for your new recipes!Hugs from Greece:)

  2. Bet you were sorry to come back looks like you had a great time. That chandelier is something else but my favourite is the horses, my favourite animals 🙂 Good to have you bacl though. Diane

  3. Bet you were sorry to come back looks like you had a great time. That chandelier is something else but my favourite is the horses, my favourite animals 🙂 Good to have you bacl though. Diane

  4. I've never been to Idaho, but your pictures make me want to check it out – beautiful mountains and lake too!

  5. Welcome back!! Wow, what fantastic pictures… looks like you guys had such a great time! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Sounds like an excellent family vacation. Your daughter's bow looks enormous next to her!

  7. You had a nice vacation. Thank you for sharing the pics. All very nice. Looking forward to more recipes.

  8. Welcome home,Pam! Your vacation photos are so beautiful, and it looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim in MD

  9. Welcome back dear! Your pictures are amazing!! I bet you had a smashing time with you family!

  10. Pam, I missed you a lot!! Love your kids and pictures, look like a lot of fun and are georgeous!! xgloria

  11. blog, it you was missing for your kitchen.
    Congratulations these days of rest, relatives and thak you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with whom we follow you.
    Precious photos, wonderful landscapes.
    Firmly I have to visit your incredible country some day.

  12. 85351

    That funky sculpture is someone's interpretation of Medusa of Greek mythology.
    A very good one so befitting a restaurant.
    Original of course.
    Love seeing it, thanks.

    Darr Darr

  13. Welcome home! We missed you! I just made your Banana Nut Bread and it was a huge hit! I just made loaf #2 in as many days. 🙂

  14. I have known about this blog and looked through it for a total of about… ohhhh… 5 or 6 minutes. I am a new follower now and just want to let you know that by the time I get married on September 24th, I will be a better cook because of your wonderful talent and willingness to share!

  15. So glad that you are back! I've missed you. Hope that vacation was super relaxing for you. The pictures look beautiful.

  16. welcome back Pam! Now get cooking! 🙂 okay, unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping.. then get cooking! 🙂

  17. Welcome back,Pam! Judging from the gorgeous pictures, you must have had a great time!Now time to get back in the kitchen..just kidding..!

  18. hi pam
    welcome back
    it's my turn soon for a break.
    i wish i could have done what you did
    is it cool and dry in idaho?
    we are having awful humidity here–i need a break from it.
    vacation goes by too fast.

  19. Gee….how did you stand looking at all the dreadful scenery? (ha!)

    The shot of Chad and your daughter reminds me of teaching Trevor just 3 years ago.