My Dad

My dad passed away yesterday. I don’t have the words to describe how I’m feeling. He was a very special man and the best dad a girl could ask for. My sisters, mother, and I are devastated. I’m flying to Idaho to be with my family.

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  1. So sorry about your Dad’s passing. Mine passed away 10 yrs. now, and I still think of him everyday. It’s a void that will never be filled. Good to see you are surrounded by family.

  2. I am so very very sorry for your loss. Losing a dad — the rock of your life — is devastating. Hang on to all those wonderful memories and especially all the funny, happy moments you shared. Surround yourself with your family and talk and talk and talk of him through all your tears. Peace to you.

  3. So sorry for your loss! I hope the love and comfort of being surrounded by your loved ones….brings you peace and healing.

  4. So sorry for your loss. Interesting how the passing of our dad’s has such a strong impact on daughters. I still miss my dad who hase been gone 31 years. Stay strong and think of the many happy memories you have of your dad.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss and wish blessings of peace on your heart. I hope it won’t be long before you can think of him with smiles instead of tears.

  6. He was such a great man and daddy. I will always consider him one of my dads, who contributed to who I am today. My heart breaks for you and your family. So much love and hugs coming your way. xoxoxo. Amy

  7. Sweet Pam, Leslie, Dana & Mom Barb
    We are so very sorry to hear this. Your Daddy is a very important man in all our lives. We have oodles of special memories with you all.
    God Bless You All.
    My Dana met him at Pearly Gates with a huge hug
    You are all in our hearts & prayers
    Nancy, Clark & Keith

  8. Pam, we were so sorry to hear about your Dad. It is never easy, losing a parent. Loved the picture of you 3 girls with your Dad-those were the days-that’s how I remember you all.
    Love, Glen and Jeanne Schwartz

  9. There is not room enough here to leave all of the memories and the blessings that I received from growing up with this man and his family in the wood River Valley and then connecting again here in the magic valley but he will truly be missed and he was a genuinely awesome man

  10. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Having lost my own father when I was a child, I know that the loss of a parent leaves a hole in your heart that can never be filled. I wish there were magical words that could take away your pain, but words can be so inadequate at such a time. Please know that you are in our thoughts, and that we are sending love, hugs, and support to you.

  11. I am so sorry. It’s so hard to lose the first man you’ve ever loved. He will always hold a special place in your heart. Praying for you and your family

  12. It sounds like he was a very special man. You and your Dad were blessed to have each other. Thoughts of peace and comfort are wished for you and your family.

  13. Pat was a great man, I knew him and Barbra when Mary and I lived in Hailey Idaho, RIP Pat God has a job for you, probably to keep the peace in HEAVEN as you did here on Earth.
    It was an honor to know PAT.

  14. Recollections of a Father’s death
    “I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me, those who were to come. I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers, and in front, to see my child, and his child, and the children upon children beyond.

    And their eyes were my eyes.
    As I felt, so they had felt, and were to feel, as then, so now, as tomorrow and forever.

    Then I was not afraid, for I was in a long line that had no beginning, and no end, and the hand of his father grasped my father’s hand, and his hand was in mine, and my unborn child took my right hand, and all, up and down the line that stretched from Time That Was, to Time That Is, and Is Not Yet, raised their hands to show the link, and we found that we were one, born of Woman, son of Man, made in the Image, fashioned in the Womb by the Will of God, the Eternal Father.”
    —”How Green Was My Valley” Richard Llewellyn (1939)

  15. I send you my condolences. I lost my mom last year and my dad almost 2 years ago. Miss them a lot. I still have a hard time believing they are gone. However we continue, it is always nice to know family and friends are close to us.

  16. I learned a lot from your dad. He always made me laugh-
    I think of all the crazy things he did. One of the last things he did that made me laugh happened last year when we ate breakfast at that restaurant in Buhl he always went to. He had been telling me how tender the chicken fried steaks were and when mine came- he grabbed my knife and threw it on the floor. He said you won’t need that.

    I think that Pat was more of a role model than anyone in my life- which included my own father. He knew what he could get away with and he knew when to be quiet. That was a gift he had which he probably learned the hard way.

    I think the other thing that stands out for me about Pat was his gratitude. He was grateful for everything. Barb, you kids, that house in Hailey and what he got for it. That pickup, how he got it, and the 40 gadgets inside. I saw more gratitude in Pat than 10 people combined. He had been blessed and that’s how he felt. Never heard him whine or want more.

    They truly only made one BS “Pat” Pidgeon. I feel your pain. I am going to miss him a lot.

  17. Very sorry for your loss. Your pictures show a beautiful family with wonderful memories to cherish forever. Wishing you strength to get through this difficult time and a peaceful heart. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Pam, I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks. I am so sorry to learn that you’ve lost your father. I know it’s devastating, and I do wish I had something to say. Talk about the memories, smile and laugh and cry all at the same time, and be happy for all of the good memories you have. It’s wonderful that your children are old enough to have great memories of their grandfather, too. You’re in my thoughts, although that’s not much. My love to you and your family.