Back from Vacation

We made it back from our two week trip to Idaho. We enjoyed the week spending Christmas in McCall with my husbands mother, step-father, and brothers. We loved having a white Christmas, cutting down our own Christmas tree, ice skating, skiing, seeing an ice show, and spending time with our family.

Our beautiful view


Lovely tree


♥ Grandparents ♥


Winter Wonderland


Lunch with my guy


Playing in the snow


Frosted tree


Uncle Rick


Uncle Brett


Ice Show

We headed to Boise and spent the week with my sister, her husband, and my nephews.  We had a fun time exploring the Discovery Center and going bowling with friends. My sister and her husband hosted a fantastic New Years Eve party where I was able to see lots of friends as well as spend time with my parents. We ate at a few of our favorite restaurants, watched movies, explored the State Capitol building, and met up with friends. We all had a wonderful time and really appreciate being able to spend time with our family and friends.

Bowling & being silly


Ringing in the New Year with two of my besties – Joy and Angie


Happy New Year


New Years Day 5k


Idaho State Capitol


Beautiful ceiling


Dana and Brooks


♥ Grandparents ♥


An evening with great friends


Heading home

We had a wonderful time– a big thanks to Fran and Bud and to Dana and Brooks for graciously letting us stay in your homes and for all the terrific meals and good times! I’ll be back to posting recipes tomorrow.





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  1. Looks like you had a great trip and while I no longer go out to play in it, there is still something special about a white Christmas, and even more so when you harvest your own tree.

  2. I’m from Idaho and also spent my Christmas in McCall! Isn’t it gorgeous there? It’s the perfect winter wonderland experience for the holidays.

  3. Happy New Year, Pam! Glad you had such a wonderful vacation. Did your daughter get to see her mastiff buddy again? The kids are getting so big! (What a disjointed message…oh, well).