We’re Back…

… from our spring break adventures. First, we headed down the Historic Columbia River Highway to do our annual spring waterfall hike. We hiked to a few waterfalls before heading into Hood River to play at the Columbia River Gorge. We had a wonderful day.

Latourell Falls

Moss grows everywhere in Oregon

Bridal Veil Falls

Hanging out at the Gorge

A beautiful end to a wonderful day

We took off the next day to head to the Oregon Coast where we rented a little beach cottage. Unfortunately, we had mostly rainy and stormy weather. We kept busy by reading, movie watching, walking on the beach, playing games, putting together puzzles, visiting local art galleries, and exploring the surrounding area. We managed to have a lot of fun and had some quality family time while enjoying the beautiful Oregon Coast.

View from our restaurant – Depoe Bay, Oregon

Playing on the Beach before the storms arrive – Yachats, Oregon

Enjoying a beverage, time with Grace, and listening to the ocean – Yachats, Oregon

Devil’s Punch Bowl – Otter Rock, Oregon

Devi’s Punch Bowl State Park – Otter Rock, Oregon

Devi’s Punch Bowl State Park – Otter Rock, Oregon

Visiting the Sea Lions – Newport, Oregon

My silly boy – Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum – Newport, Oregon

Enjoying the hour of sun before another storm hits – Yachats, Oregon

Devil’s Churn – Yachats, Oregon

Checking out the amazing views –  Devil’s Churn – Yachats, Oregon

Exploring tide pools & watching the crashing waves – Devil’s Churn – Yachats, Oregon

Our daughter took a glass blowing class before we headed home – Newport, Oregon

It’s good to be back home and I am looking forward to cooking new recipes. I’ll be back to posting tomorrow.

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  1. Great pictures, beautiful family! All my favorite places in the world. Part of my family has lived in the Columbia Gorge area for more than 120 years. And the Central and Northern Oregon Coast is my other favorite place on earth. If/when you get back to the coast, if you are going between Tillamook and Lincoln City, there is a great little hike at the Nestucca Wildlife Refuge — graded easy — that ends up at the top of a hill looking out over both the ocean and the Nestucca River estuary. I think you would enjoy it.

  2. We went to Yahats if that is how you spell it we kept driving like we were going to California..they were having crabbing season, oh, my was it ever warm as could be we were at a tiny restaurant that served the best crab we have had in many years, by the time we got home to Vancouver Washington we were exhausted..Good you got to enjoy your spring break we don’t get ours until 4/7/14 thru 4/11/14!!!!!!!!!

  3. What gorgeous views … sounds like it was a nice mix of fun touristy side trips and excellent time out on the trails and beaches! Hurray for family vacations!

  4. I love Oregon! Beautiful photos!!! I bet you had some good chowder along the way.
    Looked like fun!!!
    xo Kris

  5. That sure is some gorgeous country and I file it away for our hoped for trip out that way. It’s great that your kids are getting such great exposure to nature and seem to enjoy it.

  6. Welcome home, Pam! Oregon is so beautiful! How cool is your daughter taking a glass blowing class? I would love to do that!

  7. Holy cow! Your daughter’s about as big as you are! Looks like your hubby has lost a little weight – good for you keeping him on the straight and narrow. Those are some beautiful pictures. Sorry you had so much rain, but you did get some fun between the storms from the look of it. I’m sure the kids were loathe to go back to school, and Gracie must be moping because her friends aren’t home today!

  8. beautiful part of the world. would love to go back and explore more of oregon. looks like you had a great time 🙂

    looking forward to more recipes!

  9. Stunning, stunning pictures. Your hikes look so picturesque and the kids are getting so big! Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing week.

  10. I love seeing your vacation photos. I seriously stalk your website. I’ve made nearly everything on it and it’s always a hit with my husband and 3 kids and visitors. I just wanted to say “thanks” because I know ANYTHING you put on here is gold in my book. We must have the same taste palette. 🙂 Glad you’re back.

  11. I visited the “Devil’s punch bowl” once when I was back in college…it was followed by visits to “another bowl” all morning long the following morning 🙂 :p 😮