A perfect ending to a great summer!

We spent the last five days in the Cove Palisades State Park camping and playing on Lake Billy Chinook. We haven’t explored much of Central Oregon and we had an absolute blast finally spending time there. We played on the lake, rented a pontoon for the entire day, fished, rode our friend’s waverunner, enjoyed the beautiful sights and fantastic weather, swam, spent time with wonderful friends – old & new, ate great food, rode four wheelers, and spent quality time together. The only word I can think to describe this camping trip is EPIC.

I’ll be back to cooking tomorrow.

What a beautiful day to be on the lake


Ready for some waverunner fun!


One happy kid


Taking my daughter for a spin


Amazing views all around us


Enjoying the ride


Learning how to hook a worm for fishing


Fishing time


Cool under water cave


Three of my favorite people




Grace is one happy girl!


Amazing rock formations


Sleepy boy


Another sleepy boy


Happiest kids alive!


Ready to ride


Beautiful sunset on our last night



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  1. Glad to see your dog in the middle of the action, often leading the way in much-needed naps in the sun. It looks like a fine way to end the summer, Pam. You probably have 2 weeks to get the kidlets ready for back to school, as I have with Mark. Isn’t your daughter about to be in middle school? As you said, time does fly.

    1. Sue,

      Grace, our dog, is a rescue from the pound. We think she has a bit of cattle dog, basenji, staffordshire, and possibly beagle. She is a smart, high energy, protective, playful, and super loveable dog.


  2. Thank you for the great pictures! And, I will sound like a mother here, but THANK YOU for showing pictures of your family wearing life jackets and helmets!! There have been far, far too many tragedies in the Northwest this summer related to boating accidents and drownings, some of which could have been prevented with life jackets; and I’ve typed up too many medical reports from ATV accidents where people didn’t wear helmets. You show that it doesn’t take away from the fun at all to be aware of safety. Glad you had such a great vacation!