Temporarily Out of Service

Temporarily Out of Service

… I won’t be cooking or typing for a day or two. I spent the afternoon in a lot of pain due to a little mishap with a very sharp knife. My left index finger has a big gash that is quite deep, painful, and sensitive–I’ll spare you the gory details. I think cooking and typing will be put on hold for a day or two until my finger is feeling a bit better. This is my 4th-5th time deeply cutting myself in the past several years. I feel so dumb!  My daughter so perfectly stated after the incident, “Mom, you may like sharp kitchen knives, but they don’t seem to like you”. Yep. That about covers it. I’ll be back to cooking and typing recipes soon.


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  1. So sorry to hear about your “mishap” Pam. Please don’t rush your recovery. I’ve been contemplating getting my knives sharpened. I think I may wait:)

    Feel better soon, Pam…

  2. When one cooks as much as we do, accidents are bound to happen. (Spoken as one who has about 48 stitches on the fingers.) Pro tip you probably already know: keep it elevated as much as possible, way less painful. Hope you are back soon!

  3. Oh, ouch! So sorry for you. I hate that when it happens (and it happens to all of us). I’m more of a burner than a cutter in the kitchen — that is, I tend to burn myself much more than I cut myself. Although unhappily I do both. Hope you’re better soon!

  4. Ouch! So sorry to hear about this, Pa. I hope you’re feeling better soon!!
    I’m deathly afraid of having a bad knife injury. I mostly suffer burns and have some faint burn scars on my hands from a few unpleasant incidents.

  5. Thus still recovery slightly but mostly from a mandolin mishap – I know I was stupid – I wish you a quick recovery and that the pain lessens quickly. So sorry!

  6. OMG, I understand. I have done that many times. Wishing you a fast heal, relax and do not stress. Feel better soon.