Relaxed and Ready to Cook

We just got back from a holiday vacation in Idaho. We started our trip in Boise where we stayed with my sister and her family and celebrated Christmas with them and my father. We drove around the city and saw amazing Christmas light displays, went sledding in Idaho City, went on a sleigh ride and had dinner at Bogus Basin (courtesy of my sister and her husband Brooks – awesome present guys), we watched movies, played games, and enjoyed hanging out together.


My awesome sister

Making cookies for Santa

Our fun and generous hosts


A proud Papa

Loving the speed!


Beautiful Idaho


Sleigh Ride and Dinner at Bogus Basin

Next we headed to McCall to celebrate New Years. We spent time with my husband’s brothers, visited with friends, played in the snow, dug snow tunnels, went skiing, relaxed, and read. It was a wonderful and peaceful time in the mountains!

What a view to wake up to

My daughter LOVED skiing

My son? Not so much.

Incredible sunrise

Very cold

Pancake House has the biggest cinnamon rolls!

Deep snow

Taking a dive

Back in Oregon

It was a wonderful trip and I am relaxed and ready to cook… I’ll be back to posting recipes tomorrow.

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  1. i love the cinnamon-roll-reaction shot–i echo those sentiments, but my face would already be in the container before you had the chance to snap the picture. 🙂

  2. How freaking awesome are all of those pictures?!?!

    I'll tell you….they go all the way to 11!

    Glad you guys had such a great trip. What memories for the kids!

  3. Great pics! The snow looks awesome. I just came back from snowboard in Tahoe, I've never been to Idaho but heard the skiing and snowboard there is great as well.