Quick Recap

We just had a fun filled time with my sister and her family. They arrived at our house by the afternoon of my kids’ last day of school. We went out to dinner to celebrate their arrival and the beginning of summer break. Afterwards, we headed home to catch up and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Our first full day together, the girls did a little shopping and the boys went on a big mountain bike ride but we have no pictures. Later we went to Top Golf and had a blast shooting balls and eating tasty food. The weather was so amazing.

The next day we went to The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. We spent a few hours walking around both museums and getting our fill of the amazing aircraft they have – we all learned so much!

A quick Recap

The following day we went to Tree to Tree Adventure Park for some fun in the trees. Everyone did such a great job tackling the tough courses & all had a blast

Later we headed to Astoria where we camped overnight. The following day, we explored the beach at Fort Stevens to see the Peter Iredale shipwreck. We enjoyed wandering the beach for a long while before heading down the road to check out the Russel Battery where we explored the cool old buildings and surrounding property.


I’ll be back to posting new recipes tomorrow… stay tuned I have a big giveaway coming!!!













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  1. Looks like you had fun. I am sorry I have no family to enjoy that sort of thing with. I am the last in the line of our family and Nigel’s sister is in Ozz! Enjoy while you can. Diane

  2. All your pictures are terrific, but I especially had to smile at Grace racing along on the wet sand. I always think how wonderful it is that your family and your sister’s family enjoy your time together; it looks like my kids are going in the same direction (one of this only child’s proudest accomplishments).