Have you ever had one of those days???…

…I did today.

I spent the entire day testing, baking, photographing, and typing three different recipes today only to realize that I didn’t have the memory card in my camera. My old cameras would not let me take a photo without the memory card… my new one does. UGH!!!  No photos of anything. I feel so dumb and so bummed! At least dinner was tasty! I’ll be back to making recipes (with a memory card in the camera) tomorrow.   #ineedadrink

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  1. Thanks for sharing your bad day! It’s nice to be reminded that we all suffer from them. Better luck tomorrow.

  2. So sorry, my camera will not let me take pictures without a card but I generally check each photo as I take it. Just wondering what camera you have. Diane

  3. I’ve done the same thing a couple of times, having left the card in my computer. Now I open the camera door, remove the card, put the camera beside me with the door obviously open, download the pics, and immediately return the card to the camera.

  4. Yeah, I made a great loaf of apple bread, sized down for the smaller family, and totally forgot to take pictures. Makes you feel like a dunce, doesn’t it? Oh, well; life goes on.