30 Recipes To Help Spinach Shine

This week’s contribution to Parade’s Community Table is 30Recipes To Help Spinach Shine.

I know I am lucky that my children both love spinach and I am thankful for it. I think one of the main reasons why they like it is because I have always added it to all sorts of different recipes for their entire lives. Spinach is so healthy and delicious and I love it raw, sauteed, or tossed in soups, eggs, and pasta dishes. It’s such a versatile veggie and it has so many nutrients. I have gathered together a collection of 30 recipes that feature spinach either as the main ingredient or as a component to the dish.

Some of the recipes are great for breakfast such as Green Smoothie, Polenta Cake Topped with Sautéed Tomatoes, Spinach, and a Poached Egg,or Baked Eggs with Sautéed Onions, Tomatoes, and Spinach. Some are quick and simple and others are a little more time consuming like, Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups with a Slow Simmered Meat Sauce and Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Spinach, Roasted Bell Pepper, Mushroom, and Parmesan. All of the recipes use spinach and I hope they will help your family love this wonderful and healthy vegetable! Click this link to view all 30 Recipes That Make Spinach Shine.

25 Recipes That Make Spinach Shine

This week’s contribution to Parade’s Community Table is 30 Recipes To Help Spinach Shine.





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