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Brie Bites

Brie Bites

We had friends over for an appetizer party and since I was going to be making a few dishes, I wanted them all to be quick, simple and tasty. I have seen recipes for these little brie bites on the Internet for a long time and I was excited to finally make them. These bites were a big hit with everyone, including the kids, and they disappeared quickly.

Brie Bites:
Recipe and photos by For the Love of Cooking.net
  • 2 packages of mini phyllo shells
  • 8 oz brie cheese, double cream
  • Raspberry preserves
  • Apricot preserves

Brie Bites

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Place the mini shells on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Carefully cut the rind off of the brie. Cut the brie into 1/2 inch cubes and put one into each shell. Top each brie bite with either apricot or raspberry preserves. Bake in the oven for 6-7 minutes or until the brie has melted and the phyllo shells are golden brown. Enjoy.

Brie Bites

Click here for a printable version of this recipe – For the Love of Cooking.net

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  1. Uh… I BET they were a big hit! I think I need one of those right now! 🙂 (I think I have all the ingredients except the pastry. D'oh!)

  2. Bits of Taste says:

    Hi, this is beautiful… the colours really bring out the taste!

  3. Nina Timm says:

    You should know by now I have a serious love affair with brie and cheese!!!!!!

  4. This is one of my all time favorite appetizers. Everyone always loves them and they are so easy and elegant for a party!!!

  5. I use cranberries during the holidays. Yum-o!

  6. Oooh, this makes me seriously regret being GFCF. I love all of those ingredients separately. Together…YUM! What a great quick and easy appetizer! Even my husband could make these!

  7. I can not get into Brie, but just because YOU made them I would eat a dozen.

  8. Now, this looks like a wonderful simple appetizer that even I could attempt.

  9. I've been agonizing over what to bring to Thanksgiving. (I was asked to do appetizers.) Nothing seemed both easy and festive enough. Now I know what I'm bringing!!! Thank you for the recipe!

  10. Beautiful. Simple. Delicious. Perfect for the holidays!

  11. George Gaston says:

    Pam… I love hor'dourves and appetizers. I've sometimes just wanted to fix several ~ all to myself ~ and enjoy each delectable morsel. Great idea with the puff shells filled with all the good things in your recipe. Thanks!

  12. Donna-FFW says:

    Pam, I am loving these and will be trying them next weekend for my childrens family birthday party. ALONG with those yummy jalapenos below!

  13. Natashya KitchenPuppies says:

    I love how simple and elegant they are! They look absolutely delicious.

  14. Stacey Snacks says:

    I made apps this weekend for a party too……I love those little phyllo cups!

  15. This is absolutely lovely I love cook with Phyllo, I love your phyllo tarts. gloria

  16. What a quick and easy appy. The little phyllo cups are delicious and so festive.

  17. I wonder if you could top them with caramelized onion?

  18. I gotta make these. So festive for the holidays. Plus I love the different flavors you could use. A perfect appetizer in my book!

  19. If that doesn't look delicious then I don't know what would. Looks fantastic and perfect for an appetizer. Love it!

  20. stephchows says:

    that is a perfectly quick appetizer! I'm totally going to have to make these!

  21. bite-sized portions of one of my all-time favorite appetizers? this is all kinds of awesome. lovely colors in the jam, too. 🙂

  22. 5 Star Foodie says:

    Those sound scrumptious, love the little phyllo cups!

  23. The kids and I just learned this year that we liked Brie. I topped ours with caramel and toasted pecans but they were just on a ritz cracker. The filo cups are much yummier.

  24. Farmgirl Cyn says:

    I remember doing something similar, but I think it had a honey topping….brie with ANYTHING is good!

  25. noble pig says:

    What a quick and east little appetizer, I love it Pam! Perfect for the holidays.

  26. Yummy girl, I am definately making this one!

  27. These are perfect for holiday entertaining. Thanks for sharing this with us, Pam.

  28. frockandfork says:

    So so cute 🙂 I love the colors!

  29. These would be worth making just to use those adorable mini phyllo shells!

  30. KMfamily ;-) says:

    oh my..i wish i was invited..sounds like it was great fun.
    they look scrumtiouse!!!

  31. These look so delicious and easy – yum! I'm sure they were a huge hit!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Do you trim the rind off the brie?
    Thanks, Beth

  33. A Feast for the Eyes says:

    I was just lamenting, to myself, that I don't make many appetizers. These are gorgeous! I was able to can homemade preserves this summer, including the two flavors that you made. These will be perfect for Thanksgiving. Thanks, Pam!

  34. Beth,

    Yes, you cut the rind off of the brie. Thanks for letting me know I missed this step, I have corrected it in the recipe.


  35. I've made these with gorgonzola, dried cranberries, chopped apply & walnuts. They were such a hit!

    The hardest part was finding those Phyllo shells. I'm in southern California and the regular grocery stores didn't have them (Ralphs, Alberston's, Stater Bros.) but the high end store, Gelson's, did have them.

    Definitely try these- they are so easy

  36. What beautiful appetizers! I love brie! I have been meaning to make some similar appetizers. I am putting these on my "must make" list.

  37. Ooh. What a sophisticated little appetizer! : )

  38. The Blonde Duck says:

    Write a cookbook. Or let me move in. Preferably 2. Please!

  39. I love appetizers and thought it would be a long recipe. Who knew you could could buy mini shells!

  40. Nice. Love me some easy appetizers. I'll have to remember hit one. i actually remember seeing some filo cups at the market. It's a great excuse to purchase some.

  41. Mealsbymisty says:

    They are so cute! I love cooking for large groups of folks and am ALWAYS searching for bite size somethings. These are going on the menu for my luncheon next week!

  42. So cute! And how fun for cocktail party.

  43. Bite sized are so great for things like football games and parties. We used to use shells like that as chips in poker. Problem is that hungry people always ended up broke 🙂

  44. there is a good chance that i will throw a party just for these bites!

  45. You most def had me at brie!

  46. I love brie, but the rind off of the brie is not my favor thing to do. any suggestion on how to get the rind off or another cheese maybe. going to do this a Christmas time with hot red and green pepper jelly

  47. Do you serve them warm or cold?

    1. Debbie,

      I serve them hot out of the oven but they are tasty at room temperature too.